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How Could a Loving God ...?

  • Written out of the personal agony of witnessing some of the world’s worst disasters and personal tragedies, How Could a Loving God …? confronts head on some of the most difficult issues of faith today with candor, vulnerability and directness.  It’s not a book of empty assurances and time-worn platitudes — nor a book only about how to get through one’s own hard times — but a clear call to action and a gritty, forthright exploration of the honest questions of how reconcile a God of love with a world of heartache.  

    ISBN 13:  978-1490902906. How Could a Loving God...?  is available on Amazon here or may be ordered by your local bookstore. For a preview, click here.


  • The issues faced by those who have lost their liberty are not so very different from the challenges faced by us all.  All of us are bound up in some way or another, it’s just that some of our prisons are more easily seen.  The lessons, challenges and encouragements of Lifeline apply to anyone who’s ever struggled with anger, addiction, loneliness or just plain old “messed-upedness.” Written while doing time in a Federal Correctional Center, Lifeline takes a long, hard look at the issues of faith, transformation, obedience and forgiveness, then applies them with both compassion and strength to life’s daily circumstances. Lifeline provides a full year (365 days) of individual meditations and devotionals. 

    ISBN 13 #: 978-1491223048.  Lifelineis available on Amazon here  or may be ordered by your local bookstore.  For a preview, click here. Note: Lifeline may be ordered at a substantial discount directly from Jonah Communications for shipment directly to any jail or correctional facility.

More Than a Sparrow

  • Most Christian literature is written by highly successful professionals, heads of big ministries, or those highly educated theologians with letters after their name.  They don't have any experiential sense, therefore, of what it means to be "the least of these," who struggle with being outcast, poor, or despised because of past mistakes or unchangeable traits.  More Than a Sparrow takes a very different approach, written from the perspective of someone who's seen life from the bottom.  It encourages, inspires and uplifts not from the top looking down, but from alongside.

  • ISBN 13:  978-1497543287.  More Than a Sparrow is available on Amazon here or may be ordered by your local bookstore.  For a preview, click here.

Training Wheels

  • If a new believer asks, “What is the first book of the Bible I should read?” the answer is often, “The Gospel of John.”  And while there is no shortage of good studies of the “Gospel of Love”, surprisingly, none address the specific concerns of someone new in the faith. Training Wheels addresses that need. In the spring and summer of 2008, an unusual move of the Spirit of God took place in the Federal Correctional Center in downtown San Diego, and in one of the cell blocks, nearly 1/3 of the prisoners met the Lord for the first time through the testimony and lifestyle of two of their fellows.  I was asked to teach a daily Bible study to introduce them to a life of faith and obedience.  Virtually all came from a Catholic background, so the idea of an intimate personal relationship with God was new and exciting.  This book comes out of that class.  ISBN 13:978-1491238585Training Wheels is available on Amazon here or may be ordered by your local bookstore. For a preview, click here.

    Training Wheels has also been incorporated into a joint commentary titled, Lifted Up – Between a Pharisee & a Thief, co-authored with Messianic Rabbi Joel Liberman, which discusses the Gospel from the radically different perspectives of a Gentile/Christian ex-felon and that of a Messianic Jewish Rabbi. It is currently available on Amazon here, or, as always, may be ordered by your local bookstore.

Why Are We So Afraid ... Of the Fear of God?

  •  Throughout the Scriptures – in both Old and New Testaments alike – we read of the value of the fear of God. From Abraham to David, Moses to Samuel, Isaiah to Jeremiah, Peter to Paul, the benefit and desirability of fearing God is affirmed. Yeshua (Jesus) Himself commanded it. Yet it’s a topic avoided by most contemporary leaders and believers. Why? Given the rampant abuses of power in today’s world in our families, communities, churches and society, many of us have a troubled relationship with authority. So when it comes to fearing God, the simple answer is that we don’t understand it. As both a current ministry leader and former convicted felon, James writes from the perspective of someone who has struggled with issues of authority and who understands how deeply such struggles affect our relationship with the Father. Yet he has also found some important insights, truths which can transform how you view, serve, and follow the Lover of your Soul.

    ISBN 13: 978-1502398413. Why Are We so Afraid ... Of the Fear of God is currently in production and will soon be available on Amazon or may be ordered from your local bookstore. A preview will be available shortly.

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Malki Tzedek

  • A work of fiction, the story traces Shane Williams, an investigative reporter doing a story on wholesale distribution channels in the drug trade.  During a visit to southern Mexico, Shane discovers a mysterious character living among the poor in a remote village who has been there longer than anyone can remember.   Known in the local tongue most commonly as Mam, which means "grandfather," a local elder says he should be more correctly called K'uhul Ajaw which has the disturbing meaning of "Holy Ruler,"  especially considering the strength of the cartels and local drug lords in this area.  Mam has a reputation as a healer, and apparently enjoys the unquestioning obedience of the locals whenever he actually tells them to do anything. 

  • An old woman tells Shane she was healed by Mam when a child herself, at which time he revealed to her his true name, Malki Tzedek.  Shane decides he wants to interview Malki, but discovers no one quite knows where he lives, only that he seems to appear in times of need.  A local Catholic priest tells Shane this Malki character is more fable than reality, but when Shane meets a young family given a priceless antique Bible by Malki, he must know more.  Now if only he can find this mysterious old man ...

  • Currently under development, Malki Tzedek is tentatively scheduled for release late in 2015.

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Feedback from a reader of more than a sparrow:

"I wanted to tell you More Than A Sparrow hits so close to home I nearly cried just in the first 20 pages.  It appears as if you are writing straight to me.  The book is more than inspiration or motivation, it is a godsend.  You saved my life, seriously.

"I've been locked up for 16 years and have been through more than you can imagine.  I've  felt worthless, unloved and abandoned.  My family won't talk to me.  I thought God had turned his back on me.  I tried to kill myself recently ... I completely lost my desire to live.  Your book gave me that back.  You have seen into my heart.  I can't begin to thank you enough."

Praise for How Could a Loving God ...?

Compelling ... I couldn't put it down!

–Messianic Rabbi Joel Liberman, author, Acts of the Emissaries